Repairs & Bodywork


There may come a time that your vehicle needs supplementary work other than just servicing or the yearly MOT. We understand how frustrating it can be when this happens as it can put your car out of action for awhile. For such events, we endeavor to book the car in at a convenient time to deal with the issue as fast as possible.


Rest assured Albury is capable of dealing with any issues that hinder the functioning of your vehicle. We will ensure that the right parts are sourced to complete a thorough job, getting your vehicle back on the road safely and economically.


Our expertize covers work on every component system in Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid cars and includes the following:
Air conditioning, Brakes, Batteries, Clutch Replacement, Engine Overhaul, Fuel injection, Gearbox, Heating  and Cooling systems, Suspension, Shock Absorbers.


Courtesy Cars

We can provide courtesy cars depending on availability to help customers while their car is off the road undergoing work at Albury.

Bodywork Albury have the expertise to work¬† effectively on the bodywork of your vehicle. We provide a whole range of services to cover any eventuality that needs addressing ensuring that the value of your vehicle is maintained. We can deal with all bodywork damage for insurance claims. We also deal effectively with dents, scrapes and damaged alloy wheels using traditional bodywork techniques for large damaged areas and Smart and Paintless dent removal techniques for minor damage.   Recovery Albury offer a discretionary membership to our loyal customers. The membership entitles customers that hold our membership card to free recovery within the Hertfordshire and Enfield areas. The Free Recovery Service runs 1 hour either side of our normal working hours, so if you are on your way to work or just leaving early to avoid traffic and you have the misfortune of breaking down, allow Albury to rescue you and bring your car in for investigation. We will endeavour to reach you as soon as possible and return your car to our garage where we will speedily return your car to its normal working condition.